Soil Microbiota Analysis

To understand the complexity of soil composition and biology, factors critical for soil health, knowing your soil is essential. At Texas Biotechnology, we strongly encourage a comprehensive soil analysis to allow you to provide your soil with the perfect prescription to ensure healthy soil and plants.

Know your soil

Soil health depends on the physical, chemical and biological composition of the soil, and understanding each element is critical in producing higher quality crops. Soil biology, one the most important, yet often forgotten elements of soil health, demands a balanced and sufficient number of microorganisms.

Additionally, knowing the amount of nutrients and variety of microorganisms is vital, as they affect soil structure and therefore soil erosion, water availability and nutrient uptake of plants. Allow us to fill your prescription, as we will identify your soil microbial flora by using Next-generation sequencing technology and provide you with a microbiome profile. Please contact us for questions regarding soil samples and analysis.