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What is Regenzym?

Regenzym products are the most recent innovations from Texas Biotechnology Inc. for farmers who seek to regenerate their soils, improve their crop yields and quality while reducing their environmental impact.

Regenzym is a proprietary blend of enzymes, peptides, amino acids, vitamins, microelements, and oligosaccharides that, when applied to plants or soil, helps farmers increase yields while decreasing their reliance on fertilizers and other agricultural inputs by improving nutrient uptake, plant growth, and stress tolerance.

“Regenzym products improve soil health and biodiversity, leading to more sustainable agricultural practices. “

“Regenzym products can be applied alone or in combination with other fertilizers”

What are the Benefits of TX Bio products?

1. Improved nutrient uptake: Regenzym contains a range of essential enzymes, amino acids, peptides, oligosaccharides, and micronutrients that are significantly improving nutrient uptake by increasing bioavailability of nutrients in soil.

2. Enhanced root development: Regenzym promotes root development and improve soil health by breaking down organic matter in the soil, making nutrients more available to plants, and also suppressing harmful pathogens that can damage roots and inhibit growth.

3. Increased tolerance to stress: Regenzym contains a range of natural compounds that help to improve plant resilience and increase tolerance to stress. This means that plants treated with Regenzym are better able to withstand drought, frost, and other environmental stressors, leading to more consistent yields and better overall crop health.

4. Improved crop quality: Regenzym has been shown to improve the quality of crops. It can increase the size and weight of fruits and vegetables, enhance the flavor, and aroma of crops, and improve the nutritional content of crops.

5. Sustainable agriculture: Regenzym is an important tool for sustainable agriculture, as it helps to reduce the need for synthetic fertilizers and other inputs and help carbon capture. By promoting healthy soil and plant growth, Regenzym helps to create a more sustainable and resilient agricultural system that benefits farmers, consumers, and the environment alike.

6. Reduced salinity and pesticide residues: RezFree contains vital bacterial enzymes that play a crucial role in degrading pesticide residues and addressing soil salinity. The enzymes in RezFree help to break down complex organic molecules into simpler forms that are more readily available to plants. These enzymes also play a role in breaking down pesticide residues in the soil, making them less harmful to plants and the environment.

7. P-enzyme: P-enzyme has alkali and acid phosphatase enzymes that are able to increase phosphate solubility by 5x.

“By incorporating TX Bio products into their farming practices, farmers can improve yields, reduce costs, and create a more sustainable and resilient agricultural system that benefits everyone.”

How do our products work?

Regenzym works in several ways to regenerate soil, enhance plant growth, and stress tolerance.

First, Regenzym increases the bioavailability and uptake of nutrients by plants: This is often achieved by the enzymes. One important role of those enzymes is in the breakdown of organic matter. When organic matter, such as plant debris or animal manure, decomposes, those enzymes break down complex organic compounds into simpler forms that can be taken up by plants. This process releases nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorus, and sulfur into the soil, which can be used by plants to grow and produce high yields. Regenzym also help to break down organic matter and release nutrients into the soil by stimulating the growth of beneficial microorganisms in the soil. Regenzym also improve the efficiency of nutrient uptake by plants by increasing root development.

Second, Regenzym improves the plant's ability to tolerate stress, such as drought and frost. This is often achieved by improving the plant's antioxidant system, which helps to scavenge free radicals and protect the plant from oxidative damage. Regenzym also stimulates the production of plant hormones, such as abscisic acid and cytokinins, which help to regulate plant growth and development and enhance stress tolerance.

Tx Bio products reduce the use of fertilizers and other agricultural inputs. By improving the bioavailability of macro and micronutrients in soil, enhancing efficiency of nutrient uptake and reducing the risk of nutrient leaching, Tx Bio products help to reduce the amount of fertilizers needed to achieve optimal yields. This leads to cost savings for farmers and reduce the environmental impact of agricultural practices. For instance, Phosphorus is an essential nutrient for plant growth and development, and it is often a limiting factor for crop production. However, a significant amount of the phosphorus in soil is present in insoluble forms that are not available to plants. This limits the amount of phosphorus that plants can take up and utilize, leading to reduced crop yields and increased fertilizer use. P-enzyme solubilizes phosphorus by the help of organic acids and enzymes that break down insoluble forms of phosphorus into soluble forms. This solubilization process makes phosphorus more available to plants, which can lead to improved plant growth and development. By increasing the availability of phosphorus in soil, P-enzyme reduces the amount of phosphorus fertilizer needed to achieve optimal plant growth and increasing the solubilization of phosphate can help to reduce pollution. When excess fertilizer is applied to crops, it can leach into groundwater and surface water, leading to eutrophication and other environmental problems. By reducing the amount of fertilizer needed, P-enzyme helps to reduce the amount of phosphorus that enters the environment.

Regenzym products improve soil health and biodiversity. By increasing organic matter, balancing pH, stimulating the growth of beneficial microorganisms, and reducing negative effects of accumulated chemicals blocking natural processes in the soil, Regenzym products improve soil structure, biodiversity, water-holding capacity, and nutrient cycling. This can lead to improved soil health and reduce the risk of soil degradation and erosion.

Regenzym enhances crop yields and quality by stimulating plant growth and blooming as a result of healthy soil and improved nutrient uptake. Studies have shown that the application of Regenzym products can increase yields between 10~220% (average over 40%) depending on the soil and climate conditions. They also improve the quality of crops by enhancing the accumulation of secondary metabolites, such as antioxidants, vitamins, and flavonoids.

Regenzym can also play a role in disease prevention. Some enzymes in Regenzym can degrade the cell walls of plant pathogens, making them less harmful to crops whereas some others help to stimulate the plant's immune system, making it more resistant to diseases.

“RezFree is a unique and effective product for degrading pesticide residues and addressing soil salinity. By improving soil health and plant growth, RezFree helps farmers to achieve more sustainable and profitable agricultural practices.”
Why TX BIO products are superior?

Regenzym is a unique biostimulant that stands out from other products on the market due to its advanced formulation and high-quality ingredients.

1. Comprehensive formulation: Regenzym has an extensive variety of enzymes that have been specifically selected and manufactured from among more than 8000 microorganisms, amino acids, peptides, oligosaccharides, trace elements, and beneficial microorganisms that support the growth and development of healthy plants. This comprehensive formulation helps to ensure that soil and plants have almost everything they need to thrive, leading to better yields and improved crop quality.

2. High-quality ingredients: All Tx Bio products are made with only the highest quality ingredients, ensuring that farmers get the best possible results from their investment. The ingredients used in the products are carefully selected for their purity, potency, and effectiveness, ensuring that farmers can trust the product to deliver consistent and reliable results.

3. Advanced manufacturing process: The products are produced using an advanced manufacturing process that helps to preserve the integrity and potency of its ingredients. This process ensures that the enzymes, micronutrients, and microorganisms in the products remain active and effective, even under challenging conditions such as extreme heat or cold.

4. Research-backed: The products are backed by extensive research and testing, demonstrating its effectiveness in a wide range of crops and growing conditions all over the world. This research provides farmers with the confidence to invest in our products and trust that they will see a measurable improvement in their crop yields and quality.

5. Sustainable and environmentally friendly: Our products are sustainable and environmentally friendly, helping farmers to reduce their reliance on synthetic fertilizers and other chemical inputs. By promoting healthy soil and plant growth, all our products help to create a more sustainable and resilient agricultural system that benefits both farmers and the environment.

“Do these benefits seem “too good to be true”? Contact us if you're interested in giving our products a try, or before you do, we recommend that you review our field results from different parts of the world and the studies conducted by independent universities and institutions that demonstrate its effectiveness.”



Regenzym Application Procedure

Regenzym Biostimulants are very precise complicated blends of enzymes, amino acids, peptides, oligosaccharides, selected bacterial and fungal species, humic and fulvic acids blended to improve soil health. This improvement creates better bio-availability of plant nutrients, more active soil microbiology, greater stress tolerance to both physical and disease stressors in crops grown using these products. Plants with more uniform availability to nutrients, less stress from physical and disease are more productive and in many cases mature quicker with better quality.

As with any biology, there are some variables that affect performance. These formulas with all the benefits are dependent on:
• Knowledge of soil analysis and any particular issues involved- like pH, salinity, texture, organic matter, etc.
• Crop nutrient needs are based on type of crop, harvest frequency.
• Historic use of pesticides and any residues that may impact crop or soil biology.
• Method of application
• Number, amount, and timing of each application
• Volume of water for application
• Incorporation of product into soil